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Machinery term loan is available for purchase of old/new machinery. Trading / Manufacturing units, Traders , Business community can avail credit facility for development of business.

Applicant details

  • Applicant’s last 3 years Income tax Return /last years balance sheet and profit & loss account of firm/company.
  • Last tax bill / certificate from society chairman/Secretary if applicant own property.
  • 3 Photographs of Applicants.
  • Address proof – electric bill /telephone bill (any one).
  • Photo proof – PAN card copy/ Voter card / Driving license (Any one) of applicant/partners/directors.
  • Bank Statement of last 2 years.
  • Applicant has to show all original documents to the bank for verification with zerox copy. Original documents will be returned to applicant after verification.

Guarantor details

  • Photograph-2 Copies.
  • Last tax bill.
  • Last 3 Years income tax return copy
  • Address proof – electric bill /telephone bill (any one)
  • Photo proof – Pan card / Voter card / Driving license (Any one)


  • Two guarantors are required.
  • Bank will sanction loan up to 70% of quotation amount for new machinery. Applicant has to deposit margin money with bank. Bank will issue banker cheque to dealer.
  • Loan will be repaid with interest within 60 equal monthly instalments.
  • Applicant has to take insurance of full value of Machinery in favour of bank.
  • Incase of old machinery, valuation report of the machiney required from the approved valuer and the applicant has to pay their fees.
  • Machinery purchased will be hypothecated to bank.
  • Applicant has to submit invoice and receipt copy to the bank.
  • Applicant has to submit 30 cheques for repayment of instalments and remaining cheques as per bank’s instruction.
  • Applicant has to take share @ 2.50% of the limit.
  • Processing charges of 0.5% will be levied on sanction.